Why is Japanese knotweed a problem?


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A question we are often asked is what is Japanese knotweed? Put simply, knotweed is the most disruptive invasive weed that has ever been introduced to this country and the UK as a whole. It is so invasive that the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 state that it is an offence to plant or cause Japanese knotweed to grow.

With no natural competition in the wild or even any wildlife that will eat it, Japanese knotweed has spread right across the country, decimating natural habitats and posing a major risk in urban areas. The plant's vast root system exploits weaknesses in building foundations and drainage systems, often making buildings structurally unsound.

More recently it has become a problem with home buyers and homeowners because certain lenders are denying mortgages due to the presence of Japanese knotweed.  

Japanese knotweed [Infographic]

Our Japanese knotweed infographic highlights a number of Japanese knotweed facts in an easy-to-view and informative manner.  Simply scroll down to view.

japanese knotweed infographic

What does Japanese knotweed look like?

Look out for the following when identifying Japanese knotweed:

  • Its lush green colour
  • Heart shaped leaves
  • Bamboo like stems
  • White flowers in summer
  • Exponential grow (up to 10cm a day)
  • Stems that can reach three metres high

Identify Japanese knotweed

What to do if you have Japanese knotweed

Although you are not legally obliged to treat Japanese knotweed if you are a land or homeowner it is an offence to cause it to spread to neighbouring properties or land.

If you suspect that you have Japanese knotweed on your property or land you should think about the various Japanese Knotweed treatment options available to ensure that it does not cause damage to your property or spread further.

Speak to an expert regarding Japanese knotweed

Before going ahead with any form of Japanese knotweed treatment it is important to ensure that it has been correctly identified by a Japanese knotweed expert.

If you suspect you have Japanese knotweed on your property, contact Wise Knotweed Solutions today or click the button below to contact us online.

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