PCA Guide to Managing Knotweed

Our Governing Bodys guide to the Knotty problem

Check out the eight-page comprehensive guide to managing Knotweed launched by the Property Care Association.

The guide not only explains what Japanese Knotweed is and why it is a problem but also explains some of the critical factors surrounding the Government’s introduction of Community Protection Notices. These notices could see individuals being forced to comply or face a fine of up to £2500. For companies, they could see fines of up to £20,000 imposed for failing to tackle the problem.

Along with details on the new control measures, the guide also provides some useful do’s and don'ts, details on preventative measures to stop the plant taking hold in the first place and guidance on how to recognise it.

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Knotweed & Mortgages

Learn more about the impact of Japanese Knotweed when trying to obtain a mortgage and what you can do about it.

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Knotweed Identification

Unsure if you have a Knotweed issue. Then visit our identification pages for videos, tips and advice for identifying it.

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Do you need professional help with Japanese knotweed?

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Alternatively, you can always book a knotweed survey and have one of our Knotweed specialists take a look.

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