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Japanese knotweed can look very different throughout the year and can cause all different sorts of damage. To get an idea of what you should be looking for, take a peek at the picture galleries below. For more information on Japanese Knotweed, visit our what is Japanese Knotweed web page.

Photos of damage caused by Knotweed

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 Japanese knotweed damage

Photos of Knotweed in spring

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 Japanese knotweed in spring

Photos of Knotweed in summer

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 Japanese knotweed in summer

Photos of Knotweed in autumn

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 Japanese knotweed in autumn

Photos of Knotweed in winter

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 Japanese knotweed in winter

Identifying Japanese knotweed

If you need further help in identifying Japanese knotweed or want to check if a plant you have spotted is knotweed, click the links below for more help and advice.

Japanese knotweed identification

Japanese knotweed can vary in appearance throughout the year, so it is important to know what you should be looking for and when.

Identify knotweed

Plants similar to Japanese knotweed

There are a number of plants that look similar to Japanese knotweed. Take a look at our list to rule out these common "doppelgangers".

Similar plants

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