Japanese Knotweed Damage


what does japanese knotweed do? 

Japanese knotweed damage is not uncommon when the weed attempts to grow through the weakest points in the property foundations. If you suspect Japanese knotweed is growing in or near your property our trained and qualified surveyors will be able to develop a japanese knotweed treatment plan before significant damage can take place.

Japanese knotweed can grow up to 10cm per day, and because of this rapacious growth, it has been known to cause damage to building structures and substructures by targeting weak points, such as cracks in masonry, and attempting to grow through them. Typical damage from Knotweed includes:

  • Damage to tarmac and paving
  • Damage to building foundations
  • Damage to retaining wall structures
  • Reduction in property values

When you understand the risks Japanese knotweed can pose, it is no wonder that property owners are concerned if they find Japanese knotweed on their property.


Why Japanese knotweed damage is a problem for mortgages

The threat of damage from Japanese Knotweed has seen a number of mortgage companies refusing to lend on properties that are affected by Japanese Knotweed. Local Authorities are also refusing planning permission to infested areas.

Thankfully, in the first white paper of its kind, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has now printed guidelines that categorise the risk caused by Japanese Knotweed and the treatments that can be implemented by Trustmark, Guaranteed Protection Insurance (GPI) and Property Care Association (PCA) approved contractors like Wise Knotweed Solutions.

Lenders are now approving mortgages on properties covered by Japanese Knotweed Guarantees issued by contractors like Wise Knotweed Solutions who follow the treatment and removal guidelines of the RICS, GPI & PCA

To find out more on what the RICS has to say on Japanese Knotweed, click to visit our web page regarding the RICS on Japanese Knotweed.

Photos of Japanese knotweed damage

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