What is Japanese knotweed

What you need to know about Japanese Knotweed

Everything You Need to Know about Japanese knoweed

Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is an aggressive weed that can grow up to 10cm a day. It is now the most invasive plant species in this country and across the UK. Japanese knotweed has been known to cause major damage to properties and in some cases, it can lead to mortgages being refused.

Where did Japanese knotweed come from and why is it such a problem? Read on to find out more... 

Where did Japanese knotweed come from?

Japanese knotweed, as you may guess, originated in eastern Asia. Its natural habitat is on the side of volcanoes but it has spread into populated areas and has flourished on waste ground.

It was introduced to Britain by the Victorians as both an ornamental plant and a cattle feed. Unfortunately, Japanese knotweed has no natural enemies in Britain to keep it in check. No wildlife eats it and no other plants can compete with its exponential growth. This means the invasive weed has flourished to extreme proportions across the country and the rest of the UK. Experts have estimated it costs the country £166 million annually.

To learn more about its history, visit our Japanese Knotweed timeline.

What problems does Japanese knotweed cause?

We have already discussed the impact Japanese knotweed has on natural habitat, but it is causing massive problems in populated areas too. 

The biggest problems are caused when Japanese knotweed comes into contact with our homes and properties. The rhizome (or root) system can extend up to 3m in depth and 7m in all directions. These rhizomes can squeeze through the smallest cracks in masonry and concrete, meaning they pose a serious threat to building foundations and drains. This damage can make buildings structurally unsound and has led to panic among mortgage lenders.

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