Soil Screening

Removing the risk of Japanese knotweed regrowth

Soil screening is a form of Japanese knotweed removal & treatment that allows you to reuse soil that has previously had Japanese knotweed present.

When it comes to large scale sites, plant machinery will be brought in. Typically it will involve a digger scrapping back a small layer of soil at a time and an expert surveyor removing any pieces of root and rhizome as they are unearthed.

Soil screening timescales

Japanese Knotweed soil sifting takes place over a relatively short period of time. The quickest and most productive way of removing the rhizome from the soil is by using an excavator loaded hydraulic screening bucket that will screen up to 40 tonnes of soil per hour ensuring less waste going offsite to landfill and less time on site ensuring a more cost-effective remediation method.

More information about soil screening

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