Root Barrier

Contain Japanese knotweed growth and keep it away from your property.

A Japanese knotweed root barrier is a physical membrane that is often used in support of other
Japanese knotweed treatments . Japanese knotweed barriers are ideal for preventing the spread of Japanese knotweed from neighbouring land and vice versa. This makes it a cost effective solution to a number of disputes over knotweed treatment between neighbours.

Although a Japanese Knotweed root barrier is a preventive measure, as opposed to a definitive treatment, it is an extremely useful tool when faced with the complex legal issues surrounding Japanese knotweed and property boundries.

Considerations for Japanese knotweed root barriers

A Japanese knotweed root barrier needs to be dug into the ground vertically to a depth of up to 3 metres because Japanese knotweed’s underground rhizomes are able to grow to these depths. Placing the Japanese knotweed barrier this deep into the ground will ensure that the knotweed cannot grow under it. We also place the root barrier at a 45 degree angle, this forces the knotweed to change the direction of its growth, reducing the strength of its root system.

In order for a Japanese knotweed root barrier to be effective it must:

  • Completely surround the affected area to ensure there is no way it can escape.
  • Used without damage
  • Be sealed securely
  • Be provided in large sizes, to minimise the need for seals
  • Resist UV damage if it is exposed to sunlight.
  • Remain intact for at least 50 years
  • Should always be fitted at an angle less than 90 degrees to ensure that any roots growing in that direction are properly diverted.

Our Japanese knotweed barriers are covered by our 10 year Japanese knotweed guarantee, this is great news for property sellers and buyers because banks are now routinely refusing mortgages on properties affected by Japanese knotweed unless a reputable guarantee is in placePut simply, a root barrier by Wise Knotweed Solutions is likely to give your bank the reassurance they require to lend on the property.

Professional root barrier instalations

Installing a root barrier to control Japanese Knotweed is a job that requires a trained professional. If you think it is the solution for you, our surveyors can assess the levels of Japanese knotweed on your property and will create a root barrier plan best suited for your property.

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