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Japanese knotweed is not a problem worldwide, in fact in countries where it is native it causes very few problems at all. This is because natural control methods, such as competing flora and fauna restrict its aggressive growth. Some of these natural methods are currently being trialled in the UK to assist the control of Japanese knotweed and help reduce the cost of treatment in the future.

One prominent example of natural control of Japanese knotweed is an on-going trial in Wales which has seen insects imported from Japan that eat Japanese knotweed released into the wild. Although these insects will never completely eradicate Japanese knotweed (as without it they can't survive) it is hoped that they can reduce the amount of Japanese knotweed and stop it from spreading further.

Video Presentation from Dr Shaw of CABI

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In the above video, you can hear Dr Dick Shaw from CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International) deliver a presentation regarding the release of knotweed munching insects and how they could affect Japanese knotweed growth in the UK.

Swansea scientists trial future knotweed killers

In addition to the trial introduction of Japanese Knotweed eating insects, scientists at the University of Swansea are conducting the largest field trial in Europe to find new chemicals for treating Knotweed.  At Wise Knotweed Solutions, we eagerly await their results. You can find out more about the trial by visiting the news story on the BBC website.  

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