Japanese knotweed excavation

Japanese knotweed removal on a large scale in a short time-frame.

Japanese knotweed excavation methods 

More suited towards new build schemes and construction projects, where  Japanese Knotweed needs removed quickly, excavation provides the fastest method of Japanese knotweed removal

Excavation is achieved by using plant machinery to physically excavate the infected soil. All traces of knotweed and infected soil will either be disposed of on-site in a controlled process or relocated to a licensed landfill site.

After arranging a Japanese knotweed survey, a surveyor will inspect the site and assess the best course of action for the knotweed excavation. There are 2 main options available: on-site disposal and off-site disposal.

Option 1: On-site disposal

If there is sufficient room on the site, a common method of Japanese Knotweed disposal is to relocate all the contaminated soil and bury it in an on-site waste management area, or an area designated for landscaping that will not be built on. Alternatively, it can be buried within a cell membrane deep into the earth.

Wise Knotweed Solutions have considerable experience in Japanese knotweed excavation and we work to strict methods on-site and follow the RICS Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice for building sites.

Options 2: Off-site removal and disposal

If there is not enough room on-site to dispose of the excavated Japanese knotweed, the infested soil can be taken to a licensed landfill site for disposal. However, this form of Japanese knotweed excavation is one of the more expensive Japanese knotweed removal methods.

Japanese knotweed excavation timescale

A Japanese knotweed excavation only takes a short period of time and as soon as the work has been completed the site can be developed on. Typically, a Japanese knotweed excavation will take anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on the size of the site.

Our 10-year Japanese knotweed guarantee is effective from the day the work is completed and therefore the banks should have no reason not to lend on property within the treated knotweed affected area.

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