Japanese Knotweed Treatment

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Japanese knotweed Control

When people ask us about "Japanese Knotweed removal", they often get a more complicated answer than they might expect. In truth there are many ways to tackle Japanese knotweed that range from long-term control methods such as spraying and injecting the plant with chemicals, right through to full scale excavations using plant machinary. All of these treatment methods vary in terms suitability and cost, but they all achieve a solution to one of the most aggressive invasive weeds in the country.

Put simply, as soon you identify Japanese knotweed, on your property the you should consider treatment or removal. If you want to speak to an expert about Japanese knotweed on your property call Wise Knotweed solutions on  or click the button below and we will get back to you.

Professional Japanese knotweed removal and treatment

At Wise Knotweed Solutions, our fully experienced and PCA qualified surveyors and technicians are experts when it comes to the treatment or removal of Japanese Knotweed.

After an initial survey and confirmation of the Japanese knotweed issue, our professional surveyors will build a report detailing our recommendations. The report will be based on the density of the knotweed, the location of it and whether the knotweed has caused any damage.

Our surveyor will then create a treatment plan that will include periodic monitoring of the site to ensure the Japanese knotweed does not grow back. With the additional benefit of our RICS and PCA backed 10-year Japanese Knotweed guarantee (with additional insurance backing from GPI available), you can be sure your Japanese Knotweed treatment program will be successful.

To have a qualified and experienced expert inspect your knotweed problem, simply click to book a Japanese Knotweed survey, call today or click to find your local branch details.

Japanese knotweed treatment options

At Wise Knotweed Solutions, we have a number of Japanese knotweed treatment options that are vetted and approved by the 'Property Care Association' (the governing body of our industry).

To find out more about the benefits of each treatment simply click on any of the links below:

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Before going ahead with any form of Japanese knotweed treatment, it is important to have your Japanese knotweed issue identified and assessed by a knotweed expert.

If you suspect you have Japanese knotweed on your property, contact Wise Knotweed Solutions today to talk to an expert or simply for some help and advice.

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