Japanese knotweed goes through some interesting changes around May, and the short video above shows you exactly what the invasive weed looks like in late spring.

At this stage, when the sun has been out in force, Japanese knotweed will be growing rapidly and in some cases up to 10cm a day!

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Tips to help Identify knotweed in May

When trying to identify Japanese Knotweed in May, look out for the following:

  • New shoots that are red/purple in colour
  • Canes that appear to be growing quickly
  • Leaves unrolling as the plant turns green.
  • Leaves with a distinctive zigzag pattern on the stems
  • Canes reaching heights of up to 3m
  • Bamboo like canes that are hollow and have a characteristic pattern of purple speckles.

Other links to help identify Japanese knotweed

Click on the links below to help you identify Japanese knotweed throughout the year:

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