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The Japanese knotweed root, often referred to as the rhizome, is the underground part of the weed. Click on the video above for hints and tips to help you identify the root. You can also look out for the following:

  • The root looks "knotty" with a brown bark.
  • Underneath the bark, the knots are an orange-yellow colour.
  • If the rhizome is fresh you will be able to snap it.
  • Small white roots or buds emerging from the knots (these can grow into new plants if cut up)

For further information on identifying Japanese Knotweed at different times of the year, visit our Japanese Knotweed identification web page.

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Additional info for identifying Japanese Knotweed

Watch the videos below to help you identify Japanese knotweed throughout the year:

Identify Japanese knotweed in Spring

Watch this quick video to for all the information you need on identifying Japanese knotweed in the spring.

Identify knotweed in spring

Identify Japanese knotweed in Summer

Summers is when knotweed goes through some serious growth. Keep up with it using the information in this video.

Identify Japanese knotweed in summer

Identify Japanese knotweed in Autumn

Knotweed will shed its leaves in the autumn. It still worth knowing how to spot it though. Watch our video to find out more.

Identify Japanese knotweed in autumn

Identify Japanese knotweed in Winter

Knotweed foliage is reduced to hollow canes in winter. There is still a lot going on underground though. Identify winter knotweed with this video.

Identify Japanese knotweed in winter

Not sure if you have knotweed?

If you have a suspicious looking plant growing on or near your property and want to know whether it is knotweed, upload your photos to us directly and we will let you know whether you have knotweed or not.

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Japanese knotweed treatment

If you have identified Japanese knotweed on your property, getting it treated as early as possible is highly recommended. The earlier knotweed is treated the less chance it has to grow and spread across your property and beyond.

Japanese knotweed treatment

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