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At Wise Knotweed Solutions we tackle more than just Japanese knotweed...

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At Wise Knotweed Solutions, we are experts in the removal of invasive plants and weeds. Our dedicated teams based around the country can identify and create a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with the problem. We realise that every case is different and therefore our treatment plans are specific to your situation.

To find out more about invasive plants scroll down the page where you will find links with information on the problems they can cause, what they look like, how to remove them and the laws & regulations surrounding them.

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Japanese knotweed

The main invasive weed we treat at Wise Knotweed Solutions is, of course, the dreaded Japanese knotweed. This invasive weed has never been far away from the news headlines over the last few years due to its ferocious reputation for damaging buildings and slashing mortgage values up and down the country.

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Other invasive weeds

Japanese knotweed is not the only invasive weed causing trouble across the country, and Wise Knotweed Solutions are here to help with any of the following problem plants too:

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