Himalayan Knotweed

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What is Himalayan knotweed ?

Himalayan knotweed (Persicaria wallichii) is a species of plant in the knotweed family and is sometimes referred to as cultivated knotweed. It is similar to Japanese knotweed and Giant knotweed but originated in Western Asia as opposed to Japan.

Despite its different origins, Himalayan knotweed has proven to be just as pernicious as its better-known cousins when it comes to damaging property and causing woe for homeowners.

Identify Himalayan Knotweed

Himalayan knotweed leaves are very narrow, often half as wide as they are long. This is the main feature that distinguishes it from Giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed.

Despite the difference in leaf shape, Himalayan knotweed will grow in a similar fashion to Japanese knotweed throughout the year.

Himalayan knotweed will start with reddish shoots in the Spring that will quickly develop into thick foliage, reaching heights of around 2m by the Summer. In the Autumn, the foliage begins to wilt as the leaves turn yellow before the plant turns into pale hollow stalks by the Winer.

Pictures of Himalayan Knotweed

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Differences between Himalayan and Japanese knotweed

As previously mentioned, the main difference between Himalayan knotweed and Japanese knotweed is the shape of the leaves, there are other differences though. Flowers on Himalayan knotweed have a pink hue to their colour, which distinguishes them from the pure white of Japanese knotweed flowers.

Himalayan knotweed Treatment

Himalayan knotweed is just as capable of reducing the value of a property as Japanese knotweed. This means a specialist contractor should be contacted as soon as Himalayan knotweed is identified.

The good news is that Himalayan knotweed is just as treatable as Japanese knotweed and the same techniques can be used. Herbicide, excavation and root barriers are all successful in the treatment, removal and control of Himalayan knotweed.

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