Giant Knotweed

Similar to Japanese knotweed but much bigger in size. We can provide a treatment solution.

What is Giant Knotweed?

Giant knotweed is similar to Japanese knotweed but much larger! Giant knotweed can grow to more than 4 metres in height and its leaves can span around 20-40cm across. Like regular knotweed, Giant knotweed roots can extend to depths of 2m. This means Giant knotweed is capable of causing similar damage to properties.

Identify Giant Knotweed

Similar to Japanese knotweed, Giant knotweed is a seasonal plant that looks different depending on the time of year.

In the Spring, reddish shoots emerge and begin to grow rapidly, reaching heights of around 4 m by the Summer, when flowers will appear in amongst the dense foliage. In the autumn, the foliage begins to wilt as the leaves turn yellow and the plant’s energy reserves are transferred to the rhizomes for winter (These rhizomes wait until early next spring to sprout). By Winter the plant above the ground will be reduced to pale hollow stalks that can take 12 months or more to decompose.

Pictures of Giant Knotweed

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Differences between Giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed

As already mentioned, the main difference between Giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed is the sheer size of the plant, there are a few other differences though. Flowers on Giant knotweed have a green tint to their colour as opposed to the pure white of Japanese knotweed flowers. Also, Giant knotweed has larger, more rounded, leaves with unevenly distributed hairs on the underside.

A Japanese knotweed and Giant knotweed hybrid called Fallopia x bohemica can also be found in the UK. This grows somewhere between the 2.5 - 4 metres you would expect from either Japanese or Giant knotweed. Like both of its parent plants, Fallopia x bohemica, can cause similar levels of damage with its exponential growth and aggressive root system.

Giant knotweed Treatment

As with any invasive weed that is capable of damaging a property, or at the very least reducing its value, a specialist contractor should be contacted as soon as Giant knotweed is identified.

The good news is that Giant knotweed can be treated in much the same way as Japanese knotweed. Herbicide, excavation and root barriers are all successful in the treatment, removal and control of Giant knotweed.

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