Giant Hogweed Removal

How to Remove Giant Hogweed 

Giant Hogweed removal is a job for a fully qualified PCA (Property Care Association) certified professional. DIY enthusiasts can make a Giant Hogweed infestation problem worst or cause a nasty injury to themselves.

Trying to mow over or chop down a Giant Hogweed problem will just send up a new growth and possibly expose you to toxic sap.

Professional Giant Hogweed Treatment

Professional Giant Hogweed treatment involves destroying both the plant and its seeds using 2 types of methods:

1. Giant Hogweed Spraying

Chemicals are the most common and effective treatment option for Giant Hogweed, but just like other invasive weeds, it can take several years to be 100% effective. This is because the seed bank can contain thousands of seeds in the ground. The spraying should take place early in the growth stages before the plant flowers and seeds (Mar to Aug).

2. Giant Hogweed Excavation

The quickest method to remove giant hogweed is through excavation. If done by hand, extreme caution should be used to ensure that exposed skin and your face do not come into contact with the sap. If the plant has grown above 1-metre-tall then it should not be excavated by hand.

Giant Hogweed Removal Cost


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