Giant Hogweed Blisters

The painful side effect of Giant Hogweed contact

Giant Hogweed Blisters

Even the slightest brush past this nasty invasive plant can lead to Giant Hogweed blisters.

Giant Hogweed produces harmful sap which contains toxic chemicals known as photosensitising furanocoumarins and can be located in all parts of the plant. When this sap makes contain with the skin, in conjunction with sunlight, it can cause skin inflammation.

The sap effectively prevents your skin from protecting itself from sunlight, leading to very bad sunburn. This is known as a phototoxic reaction and can start to take effect just 15 minutes after making contact with this nasty invasive plant.

You can expect to experience the dark, painful Giant Hogweed blisters within 48 hours of the sap contacting your skin.

symptoms of Giant Hogweed blisters

The NHS Choices website states Giant Hogweed blisters can develop into skin rash called Phytophotodermatitis, otherwise known as Lime Disease. This condition creates a chemical reaction making skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light such as sunlight. This reaction can re-occur for six years or more.

Here are some other symptoms one may experience after a brush with Giant Hogweed sap:

  • Burning, itching & stinging
  • Scars which typically last up to 4 months
  • Long-term sensitivity to sunlight
  • Blindness if the sap makes contact with the eyes

It is advisable to keep the affected part of your body covered from the sunlight to avoid further irritation.

How to Treat Giant Hogweed blisters

Giant Hogweed Blisters can be a slow and painful healing process.

NHS Choices advises anyone that has been unfortunately exposed to the toxic sap of Giant Hogweed should immediately wash the affected area with cold water and soap. If you feel unwell after coming into contact with Giant Hogweed then it is advised to consult with your doctor.

How to avoid Giant Hogweed blisters

If you are not a professional, we would strongly recommend avoiding Giant Hogweed entirely. However, if you are thinking about removing giant hogweed then please make sure you wear gloves and protective glasses at all times. Do not let the sap come into contact with your skin. It is also best to treat Giant Hogweed after sunset.

Identifying Giant Hogweed

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Help removing Giant Hogweed

Wise Knotweed Solutions are Scotland's leading Invasive Weeds specialists. Here are some of the professional methods we use to remove Giant Hogweed.

Giant Hogweed Treatment