Waste Classification for Works in a Commercial Site

Get the facts on controlled waste

Welcome to the Property Care Association (PCA) guide to Waste Classification.

The document below aims to provide a comprehensive guide to waste classification and how certain controlled wastes, such as Japanese knotweed, must be dealt with. This document sets the guidelines, principles and standards to which qualified PCA members work.

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PCA Japanese Knotweed Guide

For additional information from the PCA on Knotweed, check out their guide to the problems caused and how to deal with them.

View the PCA Guide on Knotweed

Remove & treat Knotweed

Want to learn more about how to treat and remove Japanese Knotweed. Click to visit our treatment and removal section.

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A 'code of Practice' we are very proud to be a part of...

We are very proud to be part of the Property Care Association (PCA) and take pride at being one of the few companies in the country governed by the right rules and 'best practices' for managing controlled waste associated with invasive weeds. If, after reading the guide, you are still unsure and you want to speak to speak to someone, simply contact us online, find your local branch or call today speak to one of our qualified and experienced Japanese knotweed experts. 

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