Japanese Knotweed and residential property

Guidelines from RICS

the facts on knotweed & residential property?

Welcome to the RICS guide for the management of Japanese Knotweed on residential property.

Are you a property developer or the owner of multiple properties? Then it is important to be aware of specific legislation that affects residential properties. This document outlines important information from the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The document is in two parts. First is the main document and the second outlines some up-to-date addendums to that document.

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PCA Japanese Knotweed Guide

For additional information from the PCA on Knotweed, check out their guide to the problems caused and how to deal with them.

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Remove & treat Knotweed

Want to learn more about how to treat and remove Japanese Knotweed. Click to visit our treatment and removal section.

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We are very proud to be a company that follows industry guidelines from the likes of RICS.  By following the right rules we make sure our service is never at risk of falling foul of legislation, giving peace of mind to our customers.

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