Japanese Knotweed Management Plan

Accurate Recording, Monitoring & Removal

A Japanese Knotweed Management Plan is the road map for how we intend to solve your Japanese knotweed problem.

It begins with a Japanese Knotweed Survey, this will assess the scope of the Japanese knotweed infestation and the Japanese knotweed treatment procedures that will be required. Results from the survey will allow our experts to develop a systematic Japanese knotweed treatment plan that will adhere to any relevant legislation and satisfy most mortgage lenders.

What a knotweed management plan includes

After the initial survey, our surveyor will report on the following where required:

  • The exact location and range of the infestation
  • The category of risk as described by RICS
  • Any current damage to property caused by Japanese knotweed
  • Any likely damage that knotweed could cause should treatment not take place
  • Any risk posed by knotweed in neighbouring land
  • The most effective form of treatment

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