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Combating Japanese knotweed on a large commercial site is a different task to a domestic treatment programme. When a business has a large plot of land infested with knotweed they will often need it cleared quickly; a situation where a 5-year herbicide treatment just will not suffice.

We provide a number of different Japanese knotweed removal and treatment options at Wise, meaning we can help an extensive variety of businesses with Japanese knotweed problems on commercial sites. Wise Knotweed Solutions have provided effective large-scale knotweed treatments and excavations for local councils, construction companies, retail outlets, industrial estates, property developers and more… all across the country!

Beyond this, we can guarantee our commercial knotweed treatments for 10 years. Additional insurance backing is also available on our guarantees, although it may subject to the completion of building projects.

Why Choose Wise?

Wise Knotweed Solutions are the country’s leading invasive weeds specialists for a reason. We offer exceptional service from an experienced and qualified team whatever the size of the job.

Rest assured, if you choose Wise you are getting a team that understands the following…

Japanese knotweed legislation

There are a number of rules and regulations issued by the Scottish and UK governments that surround Japanese knotweed treatment. Failure to adhere to these laws can result in penalties ranging from fines to criminal convictions. This is why using Wise Knotweed Solutions, a company who understand Japanese knotweed legislation and have the expertise and experience to work within it, is essential.

knotweed legislation

Time and money

It is no secret that large-scale commercial Japanese knotweed treatments can be costly. That said, Wise Knotweed Solutions always create a bespoke Japanese knotweed management plan that allows a commercial site to be treated in a way that suits the budget and timescales each individual business requires.

Knotweed management plan

Technical expertise

Wise Knotweed Solutions work within strict guidelines laid down by our governing body the PCA (Property Care Association). Using their extensive technical documents along with our own expertise, you can be sure that the highest standards are being adhered to when you hire Wise.

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Site Supervision & Management

Wise Knotweed Solutions can supervise and manage large scale Japanese knotweed excavation and removal. Find out what we can do for your business.

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