Buddleia Plant Problems

Once buddleia begins to grow, its root system can weaken any materials it grows through, often resulting in costly repair bills or even properties being rendered unsafe/unstable/uninhabitable. If the buddleia is growing on riverbanks, it can cause major erosion as it spreads, decimates local flora and dies off.

How does Buddleia affect Properties?

Buddleia can cause structural damage if it gets a foothold within pavements, chimneys and the smallest cracks and crevices of buildings. Once this happens, the roots of the Buddleia plant have the strength to force buildings apart, creating a gateway for water into the property.

Buddleia can also create a damp problem for property owners if the plant is growing against or near an external wall. The build-up of moisture from the earth, leaves and water (from regular watering of plants), can all contribute to damp related problems inside the property.

How does Buddleia affect the environment?

Buddleia is considered to be detrimental to the biodiversity of sites due to its vigorous growth, outgrowing native plants and outcompeting them for natural resources. This is especially problematic alongside river banks where dense strands of buddleia eliminate other plants leaving the banks susceptible to floods and erosion.

Preventing a Buddleia problem

To avoid a Buddleia problem from arising, we would advise against planting Buddleia on your property. If you do come across buddleia, then the best way to prevent it from spreading is to cut off the plants flower head to avoid the seeds spreading.

Buddleia Removal