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The new housing development in Campsie View, Kirkintilloch had a big problem before it had even started. Japanese Knotweed was rampant in the area and Dawn Homes, who are building 30 houses in the area, were instructed by the council to deal with the Japanese knotweed infestation before they were able to start construction.

Japanese knotweed removal

Japanese knotweed removal can take a number of years to complete fully and re-inspections should take place regularly after the Japanese Knotweed treatment is complete.

However, with work well under way at Campsie View, local residents in Kirkintilloch claim that there has been no plan approved by the council for the Japanese knotweed removal. This is obviously a cause for concern by the residents as Japanese knotweed can grow through concrete and cause large value drops on properties affected.

One local resident stated that he's "been to the council to try to see a copy of the action plan, but nobody seems to know what's going on with it." Without being able to see a copy of the action plan residents should be concerned as if the Japanese knotweed removal is not comprehensive and does not completely eradicate the plant then it will return in the future.

Thomas Glen of East Dunbartonshire Council has a different story to tell though. They stated that the plan for the Japanese knotweed removal was submitted and approved in September 2011. Glen went onto say that the Japanese knotweed treatment had been carried out and that there was no evidence of re-growth.

Approved Japanese knotweed removal contractors

Wise Knotweed Solutions suggest that if you have a problem with Japanese Knotweed you use an approved PCA contractor to deal with the Japanese knotweed removal. PCA contractors will come back to re-inspect the property multiple times in the first year to ensure there is no regrowth.

Wise Knotweed Solutions' new 25 year guarantee for Japanese knotweed removal is now available which will cover any eventuality if the Japanese knotweed problem does persist.

For a quick answer to any Japanese knotweed questions you can contact Wise Knotweed Solutions on 0808 231 9218 or you can email the team using the contact form.