Japanese Knotweed Damage in Barrhead


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A recent article in the Barrhead News has reported that Japanese knotweed is spreading like wildfire along the rivers and on wild land in Barrhead and is causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. 

The Barrhead News reported that the Japanese knotweed damage in Barrhead can be seen in Gateside, Neilston Road and parts of Kelburn and is now causing concern for local residents.

The council respond to Japanese knotweed damage in Barrhead

A spokesperson for the council said "Japanese knotweed is a very invasive plant and it can be seen in many parts of Barrhead. It can be found along the entire length of the Levern Water from its source to where it joins the River Cart. The council's responsibility is to treat only council property. It is up to private land owners to deal with the weed on their own property."

The spokesperson went onto say that "currently the council have been working on eradicating the weed on both sides of Hill Drive in Newton Mearns and in Barrhead we have been working on Gateside Road near the Fereneze Golf Course."

"In most cases it is the responsibility of private land owners to deal with the problem. We as a council have no legislation input so we cannot enforce private landowners to eradicate it."

Les Meikle, MD of Wise Knotweed Solutions, as a specialist Japanese knotweed contractor based in Barrhead said that "we've been well aware to the extent of the Japanese knotweed problem in Barrhead for a long time. Japanese knotweed is a serious issue and awareness of the problem needs to be raised as banks have been known to refuse mortgages on properties affected by Japanese knotweed."

Japanese knotweed damage - the law

The law regarding Japanese knotweed damage is clear. Under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 you can be sued if it moves onto your neighbours land. SEPA advise not to seek legal action straight away as your neighbour may not realise they have Japanese knotweed on their land.

Japanese knotweed is a controlled waste and therefore needs to be disposed of in a waste disposal site which accepts ‘Invasive weeds'. It is an offence to dispose Japanese knotweed incorrectly as part of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Speak to a Japanese knotweed damage specialist

If you suspect that you have Japanese knotweed on your property then give Wise Knotweed Solutions a call on 0808 231 9218 or contact us online using our contact form. You can speak to us for help and advice on Japanese knotweed damage or alternatively we can conduct a Japanese knotweed survey and put in place a Japanese knotweed treatment plan.

Our new 25 year Japanese knotweed guarantee will give you peace of mind that Japanese knotweed will not return damage your property further.

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