Galloway battles to control Japanese Knotweed


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The Galloway News has recently reported on the battle to control Japanese Knotweed within the waterways of Dumfries and Galloway.              

Last winter, The Galloway Fisheries Trust surveyed the extent of the Japanese Knotweed problem and recorded 11,000m2 of Japanese knotweed on the Water of Luce; 3,500m2 of Japanese knotweed on the Water of Fleet; 450m2 of Japanese knotweed on the River Bladnoch; 4,500m2 of Japanese knotweed on the Kirkcudbrightshire Dee and 8,000m2 of Japanese knotweed on the River Urr.

Senior Galloway fisheries biologist Jamie Ribbens said: "We were aware that there was a lot of Japanese knotweed around the local rivers and the results of the survey have shown that it has become a significant problem that needs to be dealt with quickly, before it becomes unmanageable."

Control of Japanese knotweed now underway in Galloway

Part funded by the EU, Interreg and SEPA; the Galloway Fisheries Trust has now started a four year Japanese Knotweed treatment program to tackle the invasive weed that is choking the waterways.

Using a combination of treatment solutions similar to Wise Knotweed Solutions ‘Three way Japanese Knotweed System', the Galloway Fishiers Trust has allocated a treatment and control program for each waterway based on plant development, location and timing.

In the battle to control Japanese Knotweed, Senior Galloway Fisheries biologist Jamie Ribbens went on to say: "The lower Cree in Newton Stewart did have huge areas of knotweed, in fact it was so bad you could not even see the river in many places.

"It has been controlled now for nearly three years through a project we run and only a few small knotweed plants are left. We hope these will be killed off in a year or two."

More information about Japanese knotweed

For more information about Japanese knotweed, visit our Japanese Knotweed information web page or view our Japanese Knotweed videos.

Alternatively, if you suspect you may have a Japanese knotweed problem, contact us online to for help, advice or to organise a Knotweed survey.