Borders war on invasive foreign weeds


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The Scottish Borders has declared war on a number of invasive foreign weeds, targeting the pesky invasive plants such as the Giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed.

The Southern Reporter newspaper has reported that the sprawling invasive weeds are becoming a blight along river banks, within gardens and on farmland which can ultimately lead to land and property damage through the roots of Japanese knotweed and permanent disfigurement through the poisons carried within Giant Hogweed.

Invasive foreign weeds are a threat to the environment

The invasive foreign weeds have inhabited the Scottish Borders and Tweed area since the 19th century, being brought to the area accidentally in goods shipped in from abroad as well as spreading from specialised domestic gardens.

Both Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed are seen as posing a major threat to the local ecosystem by aggressively smothering and killing off native plants and reducing the available habitats for mammals, birds, fish and insects.

Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed are both at their most prolific in the summer with exponential growth. However, even in the winter dead stems from the massive weeds can clog watercourses and lead to flooding, while root erosion leads to river banks collapsing along with damage to walls, pipes and houses.

Advice towards the invasive foreign weeds

Leaflets offering advice towards the invasive foreign weeds have been published and handed out to landowners who are facing problems by Scottish Borders based Tweed Forum. Moreover, some major victories have been won against the invasive weeds in the area however, the battle is far from over.

More information regarding Japanese Knotweed

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