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Wise Knotweed Solutions have a three-part herbicide solution for Japanese knotweed, but the part we get the most questions about is the Japanese knotweed stem injection process.

This process involves the delivery of a calibrated dose of herbicide directly into the plant, but how does it work and what does it do?

Read on to find out more about the stem injection of Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed stem injection

Japanese Knotweed is a hollow cane plant, this means any herbicide injected into the plant will reach the roots and rhizome of the plant very quickly.

Speed isn’t the only benefit that stem injection has over other methods, it is also specific to the target species, meaning less risk to other native plants around the Japanese knotweed. Ideal if Japanese knotweed has invaded a garden populated by decorative plants and flowers.

How is the knotweed herbicide injected?

Using an injection gun, the herbicide can be specifically calibrated for the size and spread of the plant. The gun pierces the stem of the plant with a hollow needle that allows the herbicide to release inside the stem.

Why use the other steps?

Japanese knotweed stem injection, like any herbicide treatment for a plant as aggressive as knotweed, can take a few growing seasons to become fully effective. Spraying and sponging herbicide onto the external foliage will wither the knotweed from the outside, making the overall growth more manageable while the stem injection works on the root system underground.

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