Is September the best month to treat Japanese knotweed?


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September is traditionally seen as the end of the summer and the beginning of the autumn, but Scotland’s propensity for “Indian summers” in the last few years has seen the ninth month of the year enjoy some unseasonable warmth.

This has been good news for those of us in the Japanese knotweed treatment business as it gives us an extra month to start treatment programmes right when the knotweed is the peak of its growth.

This means Japanese knotweed infestations can be evaluated in their entirety and treatment applied before the autumn weather causes the knotweed to retreat and also make working outdoors difficult.

Japanese knotweed herbicide treatment

Warmer Septembers have allowed our Japanese knotweed experts more time to apply herbicide to foliage without rain and wind lessening the effect.

A few more dry days in the year also makes treating knotweed on the steep slopes it seems to favour, such as railway embankments and riverbeds, less treacherous.

Organising Japanese knotweed treatment

Our fully experienced and PCA qualified surveyors and technicians are experts when it comes to the treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed.

When you book a Japanese knotweed survey our professional surveyors will visit your site and build a detailed report outlining our industry approved treatment and removal recommendations.

Any treatment plan will also include sporadic monitoring of the site to ensure the Japanese knotweed does not grow back. For extra peace of mind we also offer our RICS and PCA backed 10 year Japanese Knotweed guarantee for the majority of our treatments (with additional insurance backing from GPI available).

Do you need help with Japanese knotweed?

Do you know all the facts when it comes to Japanese knotweed? Download our Japanese knotweed information pack to find out more. This pack answers questions on what Japanese knotweed is, the damage it can cause, why it affects mortgages and most importantly how it is treated.

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Suspect you have Japanese knotweed on your land?

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