Knotweed slashes property value


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A bad case of Japanese Knotweed nearly halved the value of a house in Swansea recently.

In probably one of the most devastating cases of Japanese Knotweed we have ever seen 91-year old Audrey Abraham’s home in Swansea had its value smashed by the dreaded knotweed.

Knotweed halves property value

The property was expected to be worth £80,000 but upon a recent evaluation it was found to be worth only £45,000 after the knotweed encroached from an unregistered strip of land. Being unregistered Ms Abraham's family do not know who owns the area, and who is responsible for the knotweed. Audrey’s great niece Elizabeth Wakeman discovered this when she tried to sell the property to pay for her great aunt’s move into a care home.

Knotweed nightmare

Mrs Wakeman said: "The strip of land is about big enough for four or five houses, but I've been in touch with the Land Registry, who say the land is unregistered.

"So we face losing out on half the property's worth.

"The money isn't for us — we need to pay social services for the care they've received, as well as accommodation.

"So it's extremely frustrating, because we can't find out who the land belongs to."

There are several laws in relation to knotweed removal but the simplest way to ensure you are acting within the law is to contact the experts.

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