The knotweed problem for house prices


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The ‘knotty' problem of Japanese Knotweed is now hitting the value of homes.

The Sunday Post recently reported on the blight that Japanese knotweed is having for house prices and that it is now appearing on the Home Reports that every house seller in Scotland has to compile.

The newspaper reported on the issues Tommy Muirhead is having while trying to sell his property in Stepps, Lanarkshire. When a valuator came to his house, Tommy was told Japanese Knotweed was encroaching on his back garden and that it could pose problems. It was the first Tommy has heard of the weed.

Tommy explained: "The house belonged to my son. When he bought it seven years ago he had no problems getting a mortgage. But the valuator noticed it straight away. It wasn't until I started reading about Japanese Knotweed on the internet that I learned how serious it could be".

"It stretches behind a number of the houses on the street along a thin piece of land. A lot of people just pull it out or cut it down without realizing they could be making the problem worse"

Japanese Knotweed affecting mortgages

According to experts within the property market, major mortgage lenders such as Santander, RBS, Lloyds and Barclays may turn down applications if it was deemed Japanese Knotweed is a threat to a property.

A Santander spokeswoman said, "due to the invasive and destructive nature of Japanese Knotweed, if it is found in close proximity to the property we would need to assess whether or not a mortgage could be accepted.

"If the surveyor's report shows evidence that the weed threatens the structure of a building then a mortgage application would be refused"

The Rotter on Japanese Knotweed

The Rotter, aka Les Meikle MD of Wise Knotweed Solutions and its parent company Wise Property Care commented: "As awareness of Japanese knotweed grows in Scotland and the UK, I can foresee more legal enforcement where Japanese knotweed crosses into adjacent properties and land. It spreads so easily - just a fingernail amount picked up by a car tyre is enough to cause it to spread". It is for this reason our specialist 'Wise Knotweed Solutions' division was set up to help Scottish property owners eradicate their Japanese knotweed infestation and provide Japanese knotweed warranties that may assist the sale of the property".

More information on Japanese Knotweed

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