Top 10 Japanese Knotweed Facts


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We get a lot of questions about Japanese knotweed here at Wise Knotweed solutions from people who have contacted the site through our online contact form or through social media channels like our Twitter feed

To provide a more information on the dreaded knotweed, we have taken a look at some of the most common topics you want to discuss with us and brought together our top 10 Japanese knotweed facts.

Are you wise to Japanese knotweed?

Facts about Japanese knotweed 

  1. Japanese knotweed can grow by up to 10cm a day during the summer.

  2. Japanese Knotweed can grow through walls, tarmac and concrete. It will find a weak spot and exploit it. This in turn will reduce property value. Don't take our word for it.  Check out this video from the BBC One Show.

  3. Japanese Knotweed was brought to Britain by the Victorians. It was used to line railway tracks because it grows quickly. The Victorians obviously did not realise its destructive properties at the time. You will still see Japanese knotweed next to railway lines across the whole country.  Learn how to spot it the next time you take a train journey

  4. Japanese Knotweed has no natural enemies in the UK to prevent its growth. In its native Asia it is controlled by fungus and insects.

  5. Mortgage lenders have been known to refuse mortgages on properties which are affected by Japanese Knotweed.

  6. It can often take several years to eradicate a Japanese Knotweed infestation due to its rapid growth. Japanese knotweed treatment, unfortunately, is not something that will happen overnight. A Japanese knotweed treatment company should come back at regular intervals to check on the infestation to ensure that there are no signs of a revival.  Watch this video about Japanese Knotweed treatment to learn more.

  7. It is against the law to allow the spread Japanese Knotweed and you can be prosecuted if it goes on your neighbours land.  Find out more about Knotweed legislation

  8. Japanese Knotweed is listed as one of the world's 100 worst invasive species.

  9. All parts of Japanese Knotweed are controlled waste which must be disposed of carefully so that it does not spread. It is against the law to dispose of it incorrectly. 

  10. The organisers of London 2012 Olympics have spent 4 years controlling Japanese Knotweed after it invaded 2 of the main arenas.

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