A Scottish Team with an International presence

... clearly not talking about football!


Freephone :

It was a great escape from my own office today where the conversation or more accurately, the fiery debate/finger pointing between the Rangers and Hibs fans goes on! 

A lovely surprise in the post

In with the usual mail shot garbage to my pleasant surprise were 3 large gifts that had been posted from a woman in Australia. We had recently helped her with a Japanese knotweed problem at her Scottish based property.

She was so impressed and “over the moon” with the service at Wise Knotweed Solutions that she had this to say:

“I am absolutely delighted, you are a treasure and I can't thank you enough for all your efforts, thanks so much!!! I cannot speak highly enough of your services and customer service; it is absolutely flawless!!”

Scottish Knotweed Team with International Presence

Knotweed problem halts sale of property

The initial problem arose when she tried to sell her Scottish property only to find the neighbouring land had Japanese Knotweed growing on it. This was a stumbling block with the banks which meant she was unable to proceed with the sale.

Thankfully our Knotweed specialist Aileen Boyd was on hand to resolve the issue and finally get the Japanese Knotweed guarantee issued which meant the sale of the property could now go ahead.

Aileen was thrilled and had this to say “Absolutely made my day! It’s really nice to know our hard work is paying off and that our clients recognise and feel our above and beyond approach. Of course it’s also very satisfying being singled out like that on a personal level!"

Contact the Knotweed Specialists today

If you are struggling to sell or buy a property due to a Japanese knotweed issue or simply want to experience this ‘awesome customer service’ level for yourself then contact Wise Knotweed Solutions today on 0800 65 22 678 or drop us an email.

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