Residents fear Japanese Knotweed


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Residents in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow are fearing that an influx of Japanese Knotweed could cause problems for their gardens and properties after Japanese Knotweed was found on the south side of the River Luggie.

Council reaction on Japanese knotweed

Commenting on the residents fear of Japanese Knotweed Waterside Community Council chairman Bill Lapping commented "It is a case of leaving it well alone. From what I now know about Japanese Knotweed there is no known immediate cure". East Dunbartonshire Council, the local authority for Kirkintilloch has promised to act on the issue if the plant spreads to council owned land.

What is Japanese knotweed

Japanese Knotweed, which originates from Asia and has no natural enemies in the UK, can grow at up to 10cm a day and is strong enough to break through concrete. Most people do not know why Japanese knotweed is a problem, however it is a serious issue for homeowners as by law, the rhizome (horizontal stems found underground) have to be destroyed under controlled conditions or delivered to a safe site which has the ability to do this.

Expert opinion on Japanese Knotweed

Les Meikle, MD of Wise Knotweed Solutions, who in Japanese Knotweed treatment, commented "It spreads so easily - just a fingernail amount picked up by a car tyre is enough to cause it to spread. We have had numerous residents contact us regarding the issue of Japanese knotweed and we are working to eradicate the Japanese knotweed on their land."

More information on Japanese Knotweed

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