Residents in Carrick urged to control Japanese knotweed


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Local communities throughout the Carrick region in Ayrshire are being encouraged to join in the battle to control Japanese knotweed and other non-native species that are causing havoc on local rivers. Japanese knotweed treatment is a process that can take 3-4 years to complete so it is expected that this project will be on going for a number of years.

The Carrick Invasive Species Project has been recently set up and has appointed a dedicated officer to who is asking local communities for volunteers to help take action to control the Japanese knotweed on a few key spots on the local watercourses.

Japanese knotweed and Himalayan Balsam have been spotted at various points throughout the Girvan and Stinchar rivers and the Carrick Project has decided that it is time to control Japanese knotweed to ensure it does not spread further.

How to control Japanese knotweed

A spokesperson for the Carrick Project said, "The most important thing to remember when attempting to control Japanese knotweed is that the invasive weed does not spread from seeds but from small parts of its roots and shoots. A piece of Japanese knotweed the size of a fingernail can grow into a whole new plant."

The Carrick Invasive Species Project is looking for their volunteers to obtain a knapsack sprayer qualification so that they are legally allowed to assist with the control of Japanese knotweed. Volunteers will also be trained on how to identify Japanese knotweed at different times throughout the year.

This same approach has been used in other parts of Ayrshire but this will be the first large scale effort to control Japanese knotweed.

The Rotter on the Ayrshire's Japanese knotweed control group

Les Meikle, the Rotter, from Wise Property Care who was recently elected as the Property Care Association Chairman said "I think that getting the local community involved in the Japanese knotweed treatment is a great way to get rid of it and other invasive species."

"The Carrick Invasive Species Project have realised that Japanese knotweed is a problem that affects everybody in the community and if nothing is done about it then it will continue to grow unchecked."

Speak to a Japanese knotweed expert

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