PCA launch invasive weed control group


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The Property Care Association (PCA), the property care trade body, have launched an invasive weed control group which ensures that companies dealing with invasive weeds, such as Japanese knotweed, are adhering to professional market standards.

Wise joins invasive weed control group

Following an audit by the PCA, Wise Knotweed Solutions is delighted become a member of the invasive weed control group. The PCA’s recognition is a credit to the professional work carried out by all of the Wise Knotweed Solutions team.  Customers who use Wise Knotweed Solutions can feel secure in the knowledge that our Japanese knotweed treatment programmes are approved by industry experts and can be covered by warrantees.

Choosing an invasive weed control firm

Many home-owners can have problems correctly identifying Japanese knotweed and the new PCA invasive weed control group ensures that all recognised weed control organisations adhere to industry guidelines when helping home-owners. Home-owners who use a PCA approved weed control group can be assured that all work will be carried out to an industry approved high standard. Home-owners who choose a PCA approved invasive weed control firm will be guided from start to finish by a qualified industry professional.

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