MSP raises concern over Japanese Knotweed


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MSP John Wilson has raised concern over the spread of Japanese Knotweed within the North Lanarkshire area and called for urgent action this week to tackle the Japanese Knotweed problem.

The Kirkintilloch Herald recently reported that North Lanarkshire Council has received numerous complaints from concerned residents over the spread of Japanese Knotweed within Kirkintilloch, Chryston and Stepps areas.

MSP John Wilson on Japanese Knotweed

MSP John Wilson went on to say: "Japanese Knotweed poses a major threat to properties, with the potential to cause serious structural damage.

"It is therefore essential that local authorities act quickly and decisively to identify and tackle problem areas.

"On investigating this matter I have identified that surrounding local authorities have developed strategies for dealing with Japanese Knotweed, but North Lanarkshire Council appears to be out of step.

"I would call on the council to take immediate steps to deal with the spread of Japanese Knotweed in the area and encourage them to work with others to ensure the threat is dealt with appropriately."

North Lanarkshire Council on Japanese Knotweed

Assistant Business Manager Gordon Douglas of North Lanarkshire Council went on to say: "North Lanarkshire Council keeps an ‘invasive weeds register', which maps all the known locations of Japanese Knotweed on council land and records when and how it has been treated.

"The register is updated as necessary and provides a clear indication of where the problem is and how it's being dealt with.

"Where Japanese Knotweed is growing on our land, including garden grounds in council rental properties, we will treat it.

"Members of the public can help us keep this register up-to-date by reporting infestations to Northline, our customer contact centre on 01698 403 110.

The Rotter on Japanese Knotweed within North Lanarkshire

Les Meikle, aka 'The Rotter' and Managing Director of Wise Knotweed Solutions and its parent company Wise Property Care went on to say: "what MSP John Wilson mentions is very true. Japanese Knotweed can cause significant structural damage to properties.

"It is great to hear however, the positive steps North Lanarkshire Council are putting in place to keep on top of the Japanese Knotweed issue.  At the moment, awareness towards identifying Japanese knotweed and the potential problems it can cause is very low within Scotland. I would encourage anyone that identifies Japanese Knotweed within their area to contact North Lanarkshire Council to register the issue within their Invasive Weeds Register".

More information on Japanese Knotweed

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Alternatively, if you suspect a Japanese Knotweed problem, contact us online for help, advice or to organise a knotweed survey.