Most Unexpected Comparisons to Japanese Knotweed

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Japanese Knotweed costs Britain an estimated £166 million annually and its relentless growth make it a nightmare to homeowners as it squeezes through gaps in masonry and concrete. However, it is not just homeowners who are recognising this problem but sports stars, politicians and celebrities alike. Check out some of the most unusual Japanese Knotweed comparisons that are curently doing the rounds. 

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Unexpected comparisons to japanese knotweed

Manchester United FC

Manchester United are currently in a period of transition as a revolving door policy seems to be in place for managers and players struggling to live up to the standards required to succeed at the iconic club.

Following a 4-0 thrashing to Everton, Sky pundit Gary Neville didn't hold back when asked to give his insights on whether the current squad of players were fit for purpose at the club. Neville said "If you've got weeds in the garden, you've got to get rid of them and there's some Japanese Knotweed at that football club and it's attacking the foundations of the cub and needs dealing with properly." 

Nobody can question Gary Neville’s knowledge of the beautiful game but he deserves praise for a good metaphor here. Japanese knotweed effects the foundations of properties, entering properties through its weakest points and causing significant property damage along the way. Like the Manchester United squad, it needs “dealing with properly”! That's why we'd always recommend contacting a professionally trained sureyor to treat your Japanese knotweed problem. 

IIt's normally invasive plants we deal with rather than football clubs. That being said, if Manchester United want to get in touch with us, we'll be sure to give our expert advice on the best knotweed treatment available. 


Ah, Brexit. The topic of discussion that we can't seem to ever escape. With stalled negotiations and delayed exit dates, it's proving incredibly difficult to officially leave the European Union. When questioned about Brexit developments, Brexit minister Martin Callanan compared the exit to the notorious Japanese knotweed. "It must seem to people that leaving the U.K is as difficult as eradicating Japanese Knotweed". 

Who knew that Wise Knotweed Solutions may have held the key to Brexit negotiations all along?   


Restaurants in the irish capital are the latest to be compared to the invasive weed. Following a surge of restaurant openings in Dublin, food critic Katy McGuiness compared the flock of new establishments to Japanese knotweed. "New restaurants have been sprouting up in Dublin like Japanese Knotweed in a vacant lot". 

Treating invasive plants all day really builds up an appetite so this is one case of Japanese Knotweed we're happy to ignore. 


Ruth Davidson recently resigned as leader of the Scottish Conservative Party. Having previously been on a quest to become Scotland's next First Minister, Ruth Davidson made her intentions known to invest in education and improve the Scottish economy. When questioned about the economy, Ruth Davidson promised the Tories would start by "untangling the bureaucracy that's spread like Japanese Knotweed under this SNP government"

Football, food and politics - what's next?

The invasive plant is causing problems in all walks of life. If you suspect Japanese Knotweed in your property (or football squad), then upload your photos for free and our expert surveyors will tell you if the suspect plant is indeed Japanese Knotweed. Alternatively, call us now on 0808 231 2349 for immediate advice or request a japanese knotweed survey online today.  

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