Incorrect Japanese knotweed eradication causes problems


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An elderly couple from Swansea fear that their home could be in danger after finding a large growth of Japanese knotweed around the property. Mr and Mrs Webber have lived in their home for over 40 years; however, around 2 years ago they discovered Japanese knotweed growing around their garden fence. Although they have attempted to remove the Japanese knotweed it keeps re-growing.

Mortgage lenders have been known to refuse mortgages on properties affected by Japanese knotweed and a property in England recently decreased in value by £250,000 because of the invasive weed.

Mr Webber, 75, said that the Japanese knotweed surrounding his garden had now grown so tall that it is blocking the views from the rear of the house. He said he feared that attempting to sell the property would now be difficult because of the Japanese knotweed.

Mr Webber's son, daughter and daughter-in-law have been cutting down the Japanese knotweed with a scythe every year to no avail - the Japanese knotweed kept re-growing.

The Rotter comments on Japanese knotweed eradication

Les Meikle, aka The Rotter from Wise Property Care said that "although this Japanese knotweed eradication method might seem like a good idea as it deals initially with the Japanese knotweed above the surface, it certainly does not deal with the root of the issue below the ground. Also, any part of the Japanese knotweed plant that is left over can re-grow."

"Japanese knotweed is becoming a large problem when it is found on the outskirts of a property as the landowner has no way of controlling the weed. Mr Meikle went onto state that "the Property Care Association [PCA] have just set up a trade body to ensure Japanese Knotweed contractors adhere to proper guidelines and to professional market standards when eradication Japanese Knotweed. If you are considering Japanese Knotweed treatment, ensure to visit the PCA to find a properly qualified contractor".

Problems with Japanese knotweed eradication

A major problem with Japanese knotweed eradication is that landowners have no obligation to remove Japanese knotweed from their own property. The law on Japanese knotweed does, however, state that it is illegal to allow it to spread to a neighbours land.

Japanese knotweed in common ground can be dealt with by the council however in some cases it can be left until the residents complain that it is going to cause damage to their homes.

Speak to a Japanese knotweed eradication expert

If you suspect you have Japanese knotweed on your property you can call Wise Knotweed Solutions on 0808 231 9218 for help and advice. Alternatively, you can email us online using our contact form.

Japanese knotweed can be tricky to spot so Wise Knotweed Solutions have prepared a number of videos to help you identify Japanese knotweed in each of the four seasons.