Inadequate insurance for Japanese Knotweed


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A recent article from "Horticulture Week" has advised that the level of inadequate insurance for the treatment of Japanese Knotweed continues to affect many UK construction sites.

With the professional treatment of Japanese Knotweed still in its infancy in the eyes of many insurance companies, and the insurance companies themselves still coming to terms with their public liability or professional indemnity implications, it is unfortunately causing insurance policies to be inadequate and resulting in possible cost implications to Japanese Knotweed treatment programs if they go wrong.

Spokesman regarding inadequate insurance for Knotweed

A spokesman for the Japanese Knotweed industry said: "the scale of the problem was getting worse as greater numbers of unregulated treatment companies continued to enter the market."

"It leaves these companies, and more importantly their customers, with inadequate insurance policies and serious liabilities if treatment programme goes wrong."

Les Meikle regarding inadequate insurance for Japanese Knotweed

Les Meikle, managing director of Wise Knotweed Solutions and its parent company Wise Property Care said: "as awareness of Japanese Knotweed grows in Scotland, the amount of competition in the market place has grown with companies within more traditional areas of weed control moving into the specialist field of Japanese Knotweed treatment. It is this lateral growth movement of the businesses that potentially causes issues as the level of insurance cover is not adjusted to cover the cost of Japanese Knotweed treatment.

"Fortunately for ourselves as a company, our specialist traditional background within property care allows our company to cover any professional indemnity implication towards a Japanese Knotweed issue."

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