MOD spends 3 million on Japanese knotweed


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BBC News has reported that The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is spending more than 3 million on decontaminating the Fort George army base in Londonderry from pollution and a Japanese knotweed infestation.

The base, which has been in use since World War 1, is heavy polluted with oils, diesels, heavy metals and has a serious Japanese knotweed infestation that is threatening to undermine the foundations within the base.

MOD comments on Japanese knotweed

Lawrence McCullough, the development manager at Fort George, said it was normal for a site which had been used as a shipyard and military base for many years to have some pollution and issues such as Japanese knotweed. He commented: "Japanese knotweed can be dealt with and will be dealt with. It will be sifted and burnt".

"It's a painstaking operation but if it's left untreated it can return and undermine foundations of the buildings and cause considerable damage to buildings in the future."

He said that the funding for cleaning up the site was making good a commitment the MoD had made in 2001 when it gave up the site.

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