Councillors call for Japanese knotweed action


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Community councillors in Fort William are calling on the Highland council to take action on the invasive Japanese knotweed plant that has spread into the town. The councillors have issued a call to the council and relevant government agencies to help fight the spread through Japanese knotweed treatment.

Experts confirm Japanese knotweed presence

Experts from Scottish National Heritage have confirmed to the councillors that Japanese knotweed is present in the grounds of Fort William primary school and continues to advance to other areas of the town. The Japanese knotweed plant is suspected to have come from the islands in Loch Linnhe and spread onto the shore and into the town itself now. Councillors were made aware of the problem as far back as 2010 and are now taking urging action to eradicate the problem after being alerted to the scale of the problem by a university professor.

Council responds to Japanese knotweed invasion

Trish Jordan, the community council secretary has stated that they have received a response from the Highland council stating that they are presently working on a solution for effective Japanese knotweed treatment. Ms Jordan went on to say that due to a large number of different land owners being affected trying to explain what is Japanese knotweed and why Japanese knotweed is a problem is difficult. "Are they all aware of rapid progression of this weed and the seriousness of the situation?" stated Ms Jordan, highlighting the fact that many individuals or business can struggle when identifying Japanese knotweed.

More information on Japanese Knotweed

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