£10,000 grant to clear Japanese knotweed


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The Welsh Assembly has given a £10,000 grant to Friends of Coedbach Park to start Japanese knotweed treatment. The knotweed in the Pontarddulais park is so thick, it is thought that there is an old car underneath it. Contractors are now due to start work removing the invasive weed and hope to be able to remove the rusted car as soon as possible.

Clearing Japanese knotweed in Coedbach Park

Friends of Coedbach Park secretary, Christine Thomas said "Japanese knotweed is such an invasive species that if it is not controlled it just takes over, killing all the native species of plants, and so it is essential that we get rid of it from our park."

Another problem in Coedbach Park is that children are often seen breaking pieces of knotweed off and dropping them elsewhere. This can cause a whole new plant to grow.
Thomas is expecting the eradication process to take around 3 years which to complete. However, they need a clear day with no rain and low wind before the contractors can start spraying and injecting the Japanese knotweed.

This is not the first project that Friends of Coedbach Park have undertaken in recent years. Other projects have included planting bee-friendly flowers, a hedgerow and laying woodchip paths through the woodland area.

The Rotter talks about the Japanese knotweed grant

Les Meikle, a.k.a The Rotter from Wise Property Care said "I think it is great that the council is supporting a project like this. The park is a valued by the local community and clearing the Japanese knotweed from it will provide them with valuable extra space that can be used for other activities."

"By clearing the Japanese knotweed, local species that had been forced out by the knotweed will be able to grow back."

Contact a Japanese knotweed specialist

If you suspect that there is Japanese knotweed on your property then call Wise Knotweed Solutions today on 0808 231 9218 or you can email the team online here.

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