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Hello, and welcome to the brand spanking new Wise Knotweed Solutions Website.

Our brand new “responsive” website is just the latest advance from Wise Knotweed Solutions in an effort to give our customers the best experience possible. Not only is there a new design and layout, but we have added some snazzy new features too.

But why have we made the switch? And what is the big difference? Read on to find out more...

A New Website for New Technology

We have noticed that more and more of our customers are accessing our website away from their desk, and we have to admit our old site looked a bit fiddly on smartphones and tablets. Our new “responsive” site changes all this by adapting to whatever device you use to view it. In short, the new website should make it just as easy to contact us or book a Japanese knotweed survey on a smaller screen as it would on a laptop or desktop.

This will be a massive benefit to our customers, especially when they want to get our experienced and qualified staff out to treat their Japanese knotweed problems as soon as possible.

A New Way to Evaluate Japanese knotweed

A new feature on the website, that we think our customers will love, is our Free Japanese Knotweed Assessment Service. To save our customers and surveyors time, we now have a feature where visitors to our site can upload photographs of suspected Japanese knotweed. Our experts will evaluate the photos and let you know if you have spotted knotweed or (k)not!

This service will allow our surveyors to work more efficiently while also allowing our customers some peace of mind if they have spotted a strange looking plant.

Give it a try:

Wise knotweed service

Free knotweed assesment

Have you seen a suspicious plant and want to know if it is the dreaded Japanese knotweed? Simply click the button below to upload your photos and we will get back to you with an answer.

Upload you photos

Mobile Future

Of course, there was a business decision behind the new website too. The latest stats from Google suggest that more than 50% of web users are accessing the web on a phone or tablet these days, and that was far too many customers to be sending to our old website when it had to be pinched, stretched and squinted at on a touchscreen.

Google have even said they are going to favour websites that are “mobile friendly” going forward. Therefore, if you run a website, and want to avoid “mobilegeddon” (as the Google update is referred to in tech circles) then you might want to follow our lead.

Moving Forward

Hopefully you find the site smooth, sleek and easy to use. Of course, any feedback regarding the site is more than welcome, so feel free to let us know what you think by emailing:

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