Man prosecuted for spreading Japanese knotweed


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A man from has pleaded guilty to growing or planting Japanese knotweed in his garden. Daniel Casey from Upper Galliagh Road, Londonderry committed the offence on August 31st 2012 during site clearing work at his home.

The District Judge, Barney McElnholm said that the “alien plant was causing severe damage to local plant life” and gave Casey a conditional discharge for 12 months.

Japanese knotweed legislation in Northern Ireland

Japanese knotweed legislation in Northern Ireland is covered by both the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 and The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order controls the spread of Japanese knotweed into wild habitats and as such this is what Daniel Casey was found guilty of. The Japanese knotweed was spread as Casey had employed builders to carry out work to his house. During the course of the work the builders cleared part of the site and dumped the soil that, included Japanese knotweed, along another part of the road.

Up to 10 tonnes of soil was removed from the site and it was within this soil that Japanese knotweed was situated. Casey claimed that he didn’t know what the plant was; however, under the legislation whether the spread of knotweed was intentional or not is doesn’t matter.

The problem with Japanese knotweed

One of the major problems of Japanese knotweed, as highlighted in this case, is that not many people know what it is and if they do, they don’t know what it looks like. Our website is full of information on Japanese knotweed and what can be done to stop it.

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