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At Wise Knotweed Solutions we know Japanese knotweed is big news; and this is something we experienced first-hand today, as we featured in this morning's edition of The Sun.

The Sun article highlights the exponential growth of Japanese knotweed at this time of year and discusses the effect it can have on property values. It also features one of our own knotweed experts Derek Smith

The summer, the sun and knotweed growth

At Wise Knotweed Solutions we know all about the exponential summer growth of Japanese knotweed. That said, The Sun article highlights how those “knot in the know” can be surprised.

In the article, ex RAF wing commander Robin Shields was flabbergasted by the knotweed invading his property. Robin said “Six weeks ago you probably wouldn’t have seen anything – now it is three metres high.”

Wise Knotweed Solutions: Japanese knotweed experts

Further into the article, one of our own Japanese knotweed experts Derek Smith explains how professionals have to be very thorough when applying knotweed removal and treatment. “It takes three years to kill it off” says Derek. Our expert also features in some great photographs that show him administering our herbicide treatment.

Japanese knotweed legislation

The article also mentions some of the legislation surrounding Japanese knotweed. The article then goes on to explain some of the reasons behind the legislation: “Even a piece of root as small as one centimetre can decontaminate land.”

Japanese knotweed in the news

It is great to see that Japanese knotweed awareness is being given attention in the news. Hopefully increased coverage, like today’s story in The Sun, will lead to more properties being rescued from this pesky, problem plant.

Further Japanese knotweed news

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