Celebrity knotweed: Tom Conti vs knotweed


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A number of celebrity homes in the Hampstead Heath area of London have been affected by Japanese knotweed recently. Scottish actor Tom Conti has been speaking out on behalf of his neighbourhood.

Japanese knotweed: an unwelcome invader

Conti has compared the knotweed epidemic in his local area to “Day of the Triffids in Hampstead.”

While knotweed is not quite as dangerous as the killer alien plants Conti compares it to, it is no less intimidating. The knotweed concerning Conti is over two meters tall and only a few hundred metres from his home.

“It is worrying when it proliferates at this rate. It is colossal”.

“Everybody should be worried about their property. You would have thought something would have been done by now.”

Council reaction to Japanese knotweed

Camden council have confirmed they are aware of the problem highlighted by Conti and are planning treatment.

Tulip Siddiq, Culture and Communities cabinet member, confirmed: “Japanese knotweed is one of the worst invasive species, with a root system that damages buildings, paving and walls. We take reports of it very seriously.”

Other celebrities in the affected area include former footballer Thierry Henry and TV presenters Melanie Sykes and Esther Rantzen.

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