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PCA approved Japanese knotweed company

The Property Care Association (PCA) is an industry body that catalogues the most experienced and qualified contractors, who offering a proven level of competency and quality. This is vital when choosing a company to carry out Japanese Knotweed treatment.

The PCA is a government approved trade body for damp, waterproofing, wood preserving and invasive weeds industry. Any Japanese knotweed company that is a member is required to measure up to challenging standards and regular quality checks to retain their PCA status. As a member of the ‘Trustmark’ Government endorsed scheme, it aims to ensure consumers find reliable and trusted tradesmen that are fully experienced and qualified in the field of Japanese Knotweed treatment.

Wise Knotweed Solutions - a PCA approved company

For more information regarding Wise Knotweed Solutions and our approved PCA membership, click the links below.  Alternatively, to learn more about our company, visit our about Wise Knotweed Solutions web page. 

Why Choose Wise Knotweed Solutions?

Wise Knotweed Solutions are approved by industry bodies such as the Property Care Association, Trust Mark, Safe Guard, GPI and more. Making us a company you can believe in.

Why choose Wise?

Experience and Qualifications

Wise Knotweed Solutions have some of the most experienced and qualified staff in the industry. Find out what we can do for you.

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Our real and meanigfull guarantee

Our Japanese knotweed guarantee can often be the difference between achieving a mortgage on a property and being rejected by the bank. Why is it so powerful?

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To speak to one of our experienced and qualified Japanese Knotweed experts, call free on 0808 231 9218 or click to find your local branch.

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Why Choose Wise Knotweed Solutions

  • Full reports within 72 hours

  • Real and meaningful guarantees

  • Transparent & itemised costs

  • Instant Onsite Diagnosis & Estimates

  • Rated and trusted

  • PCA Award winners

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