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Japanese knotweed damage

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The video above is a short snippet from The BBC One Show, featuring David Attenborough, that investigates the sad story of a couple in Hertfordshire who have lost £250,000 on their family home due to damage caused by Japanese Knotweed. 

This Japanese knotweed damage, although extreme, is not uncommon and an example of what can happen through a lack of awareness of what Japanese knotweed is and the damage it can cause. Japanese knotweed targets the weakest points and will attempt to grow through them. 

Why Japanese knotweed is a problem to property 

As Japanese knotweed can grow up to 10cm per day and because of this rapacious growth it has been known to cause damage to building structures and substructures by targeting the weak points such as cracks and attempting to gow through them. Typical damage from Knotweed includes:

  • Damage to tarmac and paving areas
  • Damage to building foundations
  • Damage to retaining wall structures
  • Reduction in property values

The knotweed exploits weakness in building structures as a result of its rapid growth. With the ability to grow through walls, tarmac and concrete it is no wonder that property owners should be concerned if they find Japanese knotweed on their property.

Why damage from Japanese knotweed is a problem for mortgage lenders

Similar to the video snippet above, the threat of damage from Japanese Knotweed has recently seen some mortgage companies refusing to lend on properties that are affected by Japanese Knotweed. Local Authorities are also refusing planning permission to infestated areas.

25 year Japanese Knotweed guaranteeThankfully however, on the first white paper of its kind, the Royal Instituation of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has now printed guidelines that categories the risk caused by Japanese Knotweed and the treatments that can be imposed by Trustmark, Guaranteed Protection Insurance (GPI) and Property Care Association (PCA) approved contractors. By using an approved contractor that has treatment and removal conditions meet by the RICS, GPI & PCA; lenders are now approving mortgages covered by Japanese Knotweed Guarantees similar to ours. 

To find out more on what the RICS has to say on Japanese Knotweed, click to visit our web page regarding the RICS on Japanese Knotweed.

Photos of Japanese knotweed damage

Stop Japanese Knotweed becoming a problem 

For more information on how to stop Japanese Knotweed damaging your home or property, click on the featured links below:

Japanese Knotweed treatment and removal

Japanese Knotweed removal and treatment

Find out more about Japanese knotweed treatment and removal solutions and learn how you can eradicate your issue.

Japanese Knotweed removal & treatment

Japanese Knotweed survey

Organise a Knotweed survey

Unsure if you have a Japanese knotweed issue or you just simply want to determine the extent of your Japanese knotweed problem? Click below to book a Japanese knotweed survey

Japanese Knotweed survey

Speak to a Japanese Knotweed expert

If your unsure you have a Japanese knotweed issue, it is always best to consult a specialist.

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